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Esmeraldas Beach is located in the northwestern tip of Ecuador. The Esmeraldas Province bears its name from its beginnings, when the conquerors arrived and when they saw the natives receive them adorned with emeralds, even though Esmeraldas already has very few, at least if it lives up to its nickname “green province”.

How to get to Esmeraldas?

From Guayaquil: You must take the E25 motorway until you reach Quevedo to continue on the E20 road, approximately 466.5 km.

From Quito: You must take the E20 motorway until you reach the turnoff before La Concordia to continue on the E28 motorway, approximately 317 km.

Best beaches near Esmeraldas

Las Palmas Beach

Playa las Palmas en Esmeraldas

It has a variety of tourist services that allows visitors to enjoy sun, sea, sand and breeze during the day, at night enjoy its many fun alternatives. It has a large number of tourists from the sector for sports activities.


Atacames is a tourist attraction for its great beaches and abundant nature, its delicious typical dishes and diverse activities where its folklore is highlighted; being thus one of the beaches with greater tourist concurrence within Ecuador


Tonsupa is known for being a peaceful spa, where it is possible to enjoy the sighting of humpback whales in the months of July to September. It has a large hotel infrastructure, bars and various recreation centers.


Mompiche is a tropical paradise full of flora and fauna. The beach has an extension of around 16 km. Up to the river in Muisnes. Wide beach, with fine sand, golden and white color. For its consistent waves during most of the year, it is also preferred by Surf lovers


The Súa Beach has a horseshoe shape and is located in the Atacames canton. Its sand is light gray with a mixture of shells, the waters are calm and transparent with a faint greenish color.


Muisnes, with the beauty of its beaches and palm trees that surround it, create a tropical landscape, it is considered a paradise preferred by tourists and typical of the canton to observe in the afternoon the wonderful fall of the sun, being the delight of many.

General Information of the Canton Esmeraldas

Also known as San Mateo de las Esmeraldas, cantonal capital of the province and capital of Esmeraldas, considered the largest and most populated city. It is the Nucleus of the metropolitan area of ​​Esmeraldas, which is constituted by cities and rural parishes nearby.