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Villamil Beaches

Beaches Villamil or better known by Ecuadorians as “Beaches”, is one of the tourist destinations with more affluence in the province of Guayas and the entire country. Currently it is considered to have one of the best climates on the planet, its warm sea, flora and fauna, transform this small tourist destination into an excellent place for outdoor activities.

How to get to General Villamil Beaches?

From Guayaquil: you must take the E40 “Vía a la Costa” highway crossing Chongón, Cerecita and Progreso to deviate at this point towards General Villamil Playas, the total of the route is approximately 96 km. From the Ruta del Sol: If your trip starts from north to south it means that you are on the Spondylus Route and eventually you will arrive at the intersection in Progreso.

Information about the "Cantón Playas"

Its coastline profile of approximately 14 km. long gives the impression of being desolate in several points of access to the sea, something incredible since most people prefer to enjoy the sun and sand with a little more tranquility and privacy.

In recent years there have been strong investments in the hotel, gastronomic, cultural and night entertainment centers that offer tourists a large number of options according to their needs