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Salinas Beach is located practically in the whole end of the peninsula of Santa Elena. Salinas combines the properties of a metropolis city such as five-star hotels, nightlife and beaches with a large influx of tourists at the foot of the boardwalk, you can even do all kinds of water sports.

How to get to Salinas ?

If you are near Guayaquil   you must take the E40 “Vía a la Costa” highway crossing Chongón, Cerecita, Progreso, Zapotal, Santa Elena, La Libertad and finally Salinas, the total of the route is approximately 138 km. From the Ruta del Sol:  Eventually you will arrive at the intersection in Santa Elena.

Best beaches and touristic places near Salinas

Santa Lucia Port

Complejo Urbano Santa Lucía

Santa Lucia Port is made up of 3 areas: The Real Estate, the Navy and the Yacht Club. Together they form a pleasant complex for all that lover of marine life.

San Lorenzo

In San Lorenzo Beach we find the biggest waves, excellent for surfing, because of the accumulation of rocks “pocitas” are formed, which are preferred by the youngest ones.

Chipipe Beach

Chipipe is a tourist district close to the salinas, whose waters are relatively calm, for the season you will find people from all parts of the equator, as well as merchants who travel the shores of the sea offering their products.

La Chocolatera

Mirador el Faro en Salinas
La Chocolatera, so called because of the chocolate color of its waters, produced by the shock of marine currents, the movement of dust and sand apart by the strong shock of its waves against the rocks. It consists of 5 viewpoints that were built by the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador.

Mar Bravo

Playa de Mar Bravo
Mar Bravo is known for its strong waves and preferred by many couples to enjoy its beautiful and romantic “sundown”, by the intensity that dyes the horizon and being an area almost always free of clouds.

La Lobería

La Lobería en Salinas Ecuador
La Lobería is a coastal marine reserve puntailla de santa Elena, which exists with a single viewpoint, where you can see on the large rocks where the sea-lions rest, which are from Peru.

General Information of Canton Salinas

Called as the “Blue Paradise of the South Pacific” for its privileged geographic location, for which, the city is considered the most important seaside resort in the country.

The main activities of the city are tourism, fishing, construction and salt production.